Downgrade Android Google Calendar to 201404014

You have been warned, the recent 5.0 upgrade for Android app Google Calendar is a major revamp. It removes month view from phone, and also for week view and day view, you no longer can “zoom out” to see the overall availability. More on how the new version looks like, feel free to search about “Google Calendar 5.0 Android“.

But for me, I am downgrading my app to the previous version. The most recent pre-5.0 Google Calendar apk on apkmirror is 201404014, released on 02 Oct 2014. You can proceed to the following link for download. Do remember to uninstall the Google Calendar on your device before installing the downloaded apk.

Life is never better after this downgrade! Now wait for Google to revert its design flaw.

Google Calendar 201404014, before 5.0
Google Calendar 5.0

19 replies on “Downgrade Android Google Calendar to 201404014”

Thank you for your wonderful post & for providing a link to the previous version of Google calendar! I just dowloaded the file & am now happily reverted to the previous calendar app which was far superior to the latest release.

Thanks for this post. This is what I want the most right now.
However, it does not work by just downloading the apk and run it. It does not work even if I disable calendar. I can not seem to get it our of my phone. Is it because it is a Nexus? Do you know?
I so wish I could get my pre-lollipop calendar back.

Thanks so much for posting the downgrade link. Worked like a charm and restored my severely disrupted mental balance!! The new version was so incredibly poorly designed, wasting space on my small (4″) screen, etc.
Thanks again! Saved my day.

Thank you so much for the link! Now I have Google calendar back to how I liked it. I can’t believe how awful the new update is! Google is hit or miss, for me. Half of their stuff is simply awesome and the other half is utter crud! You’ve saved my calendar from being another of the latter. Cheers 🙂

Please tell me how to uninstall the current calendar on my rooted stock room nexus 4 aPhone 5.0.1.

All I can do is uninstall updates, I also tried disabling it, no help. It still says App not installed.

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