French visa application status check infoVISA messages explained

The information entered does not relate to any application being processed. Please check it.

If you see the above message when you check your French visa application, do not panic.

I encountered this message for one week since the day I submitted documents to Embassy of France in Singapore. I was asked to check the visa application status on infoVISA on .

This status will be there for about a week, or the amount of time you are told by the embassy.

Afterwards, the following message will be shown:

Your visa application is still being processed.
Please check the status of your visa application again at a later date.

This will last for a few days before they let you know the result. For my case, the status was changed on the 13th day. I submitted my passport on that day, and got my passport with the visa back 2 days later. Good luck to your application!

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Hi there, do you mean 13 working days ? I lodged my application 12 working days ago (but with Christmas and New Years days off it has actually been 3 weeks, this is the fourth week). My flight is scheduled to depart next Tuesday! I am getting stressed and i haven’t heard anything at all and my status is the above.
I am really hoping I hear back from them this week and that you meant 13 working days. When I walked out, the guy said 15 days which I can only assume is 15 working days, but the website says the average processing time is 10 days. I guess with Xmas and New Years they have had a few days off and it’s taking a little longer?

I submitted my visa application 4 business days before and was worrying whether they started processing mine by seeing that message. Thanks a lot, now all I have to do is sitting back and chilling 🙂

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