Correcting Default CJK font to Chinese in Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 16.04 Chinese font has seemed a bit odd to me since Day 1, but I probably have got used to it. I didn’t quite realize it until Graham Ou’s answer on Quora pointed it out, that I have been reading the Japanese version of the same characters. Here’s how you should change it.

Ubuntu 16.04 默认CJK中日韩字体是Noto Sans CJK,在英文系统没有指定语言的情况下,默认会显示日文字形。因为多数网页有指定字体或语言,PDF有确定的字体,而我自己的电脑里很少有汉字的纯文本文件,过去半年我都一直以为这是系统默认字体的特别设计,没有意识到真正的问题。


Before (Japanese)
After (Simplified Chinese)

要让Ubuntu 16.04正确显示中文字形,解决方案很简单,只需要修改 /etc/fonts/conf.d/64-language-selector-prefer.conf里面几个字体的优先级即可。

The solution is simple, changing the order of the fonts in /etc/fonts/conf.d/64-language-selector-prefer.conf will do.

Credit: 如何正确为 Noto Sans CJK 配置 fontconfig 使中文不会被显示为日文字型? – Menci 的回答 – 知乎
修复 Ubuntu 英文环境汉字显示 – Mo’s ideas

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