Hi all, this is the personal laboratory for @yuan3y .
I am a full-time software engineer looking for exciting opportunities and new learnings.

You can find my resume here: webpdf

More fun stuff is on the way.

List of Interesting Projects I’ve done:

  1. NTU Matriculation Card Number Verifier
    Oct 2013; self-interest;
    php, html5.
    Live Site
  2. NTU Course Vacancy Checker
    Dec 2013; self-interest;
    python(3), python-urllib.
    Blog Post (no longer working)
  3. Djengue Unchained
    Jan 2014; Second prize for NUS Hack&Roll 2014, with & Leaflet.js, html5, Twitter Bootstrap, LeafletGeoCsv
    Live Site
  4. NTU Course Planner for the Smart
    Find all best possible ways to arrange NTU timetable.
    Nov 2014; self-interest;
    html, javascript
    Live Site
  5. MuLinga
    Dec 2014; First prize for Yota Challenge in Hackatron Asia 2014, with  & Android, Android RecognizerIntent, Yotaphone SDK, Google Translate API.
  6. GestFly
    Jan 2015; NUS Hack&Roll 2015, with
    @paradite & @almightyGOSU & @kiangtengl
    html5, canvas, JavaScript, Leap Motion
    Live Site (plug in your LeapMotion to play)
  7. Multi-Displinary Project: MazeBusters
    Apr 2015; NTU Computer Science 3rd Year Project
    Java, Swing, Android, Arduino, Raspberri Pi
    Video (Apr 2015).
  8. Human Gesture Control Multiple Quadcopter Drones
    Jun 2015; NTU President Research Scholar, completing the URECA programme (an undergraduate research project) 2014/2015 with distinction.
    Parrot AR. Drone, Leap Motion, Node.js
     (Feb 2015).
  9. Dropbox Clone
    Nov 2015; INSA Lyon Computer Science Middleware Module
    Python, Flask
  10. To be continued… More on Github: yuan3y

Non-Computer Projects:

  1. A Chronological History Of Windows
    Multimedia Assignment Report for History of Information Technology elective module in my university. (Apr 2014).
    Everything written in notepad++.

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