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12 Principles for How To Date As A Christian from Pastor Mark Driscoll

1.Maximize your singleness for God.
2.Do not pursue a relationship until you’re in a season of life when you’re ready to marry.
3.Be reasonable with your expectations.
4.A date is not dating. A date is when you have coffee, or go out to dinner. 1 Timothy 5 says to treat younger women like sisters. It doesn’t need to be all sexually charged and confusing. He initiates, she responds.
5.Have a plan.
6.Accept the fact that you may be rejected.
7.Do not date or go on a date with anyone who’s not a Christian. 2 Corinthians 6:4, “Do not be unequally yoked.” A man needs to love Jesus, and then a woman needs to love Jesus, and then that man and woman can love Jesus together. And this includes marrying someone who has equal theological convictions. What kind of church do you want to go to?
8.Only date one person at a time.
9.Look at who God puts in front of you. Eg. Boaz & Ruth.
10.Only invest in a relationship with someone that you are attracted to. physical, mental, and spiritual connection. Are you totally attracted to this person?
11.Only marry someone who agrees with you on issues of gender and family.
12.Guard your heart. Proverbs 4:23. Don’t give your heart away too quick.

Full video of the sermon can be accessed  here, with time-stamp at the same place.
Sermon Transcript
A more elaborate e-book (pdf)

PS. Thankful to have listened to this sermon. Important lesson to many single Christians including me.


中保 Mediator by Ghost Ship

中保 Mediator by Ghost Ship
Chinese Translation by @yuan3y.

You are welcomed to improve on the translation. 欢迎提供翻译改进意见。

原文地址(original URL):

Verse 1
He takes our place and stands in front of God on high
He speaks on our behalf since we don’t have the right
He pleads before the God who judges hearts of men
Our mediator served the sentence for our sin

Chorus 1
There is only one God
There is only one mediator
Standing between God and man
He’s the only way to salvation

Verse 2
He found the captives, broke the bondage of our chains
We have redemption through the price that He has paid
He gave His life to purchase freedom from the fall
Our mediator was the ransom for us all

The man Jesus Christ
Who gave us His life
The man Jesus Christ
Our last sacrifice
The Eternal Son
Messiah has come
The true Son Of Man
The Atonement Lamb


Toshiba Satellite M840 unable to adjust screen brightness on Windows 8.1

Screen brightness becomes unavailable
after Toshiba Satellite M840 upgrading to Windows 8.1

Here is a warning for Toshiba Satellite M840 users. Do NOT upgrade to Windows 8.1 yet! Toshiba has not yet have proper drivers for the upgraded system. You will be unable to adjust the screen brightness after upgrade. All other functions (Fn+F1, F4-F12) have no problems; Fn-F2 and Fn-F3 for screen brightness adjusts fail.

I have yet to found a solution to it. Calling to Toshiba Support tells me I have to downgrade to Windows 8 (8.0) for now.


Toshiba Satellite M840 Review

After using my Toshiba Satellite M840 for one full week, I’d like to share my review on this laptop.

The spec is identical to Satellite M840-1001XG on except I’m running Windows 8, though I’m not sure if this is exactly the model. Firstly I’ll list my specs below.
PROCESSOR: Intel® Core™ i7-3612QM processor (6M Cache, up to 3.1GHz) with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
DISPLAY SIZE: 14.0″ WXGA HD Clear SuperView LED Backlight TFT display (16:9)
RESOLUTION: 1,366 x 768
GRAPHICS: AMD Radeon™ HD 7670M
HARD DISK DRIVE: 640GB (SATA) with shock absorbers
OPTICAL DRIVE: DVD SuperMulti Double Layer Drive (DVD±RW/RAM)
INTERFACES: 2xUSB 3.0 (Sleep&Charge), 1xUSB 2.0
SOUND SYSTEM: Stereo Speakers, 16-bit Stereo with SRS® Premium Sound HD™
CAMERA: Built-in HD Web Camera
BATTERY: 6-Cell Lithium Ion (47.5 Wh as said by Windows)
WEIGHT: Starting from 1.99kg

Things I like:
– comfortable typing, including the way Home, PgUp, PgDn, End arranged at the right of the keyboard: convenient and I can memorize where they are.
– Quad-core i7 third gen processor & dedicated videocard: I’m able to play a number of games even though I’m not a typical gamer.
– USB ports on both sides of the laptop.
– Temperature is alright for normal usage.

Things I don’t appreciate:
– by default, important F-number keys such as F4, F2 especially are used for functions like switch screen and dim. I’ve switched it in BIOS thus I don’t have to press “Fn” key to use them. Later on I may find a way to hack and remap the funtion keys to those I’ll never use, such as the idiotic Fn-F1(Help).
– The Fn-Space to switch resolution is an annoying function also as I sometimes hit Fn key wrongly when I want to switch language inputs (Windows+Space).
– The DVD tray at the left side of the laptop is too easily hit to pop out.
– Battery life is only about 3 hours under wifi&office usage.
– 1366×768 HD display may not be enough for programmer’s tight IDE layout.

*Battery life is obtained using Windows command: powercfg /batteryreport ,
Battery Life Estimates given by Windows: 2:50:00 hours at design capacity.
On my own calculation, it’s about 3:10:00 hours at design capacity.
This 3&1/2-months old laptop has its battery capacity shrunk from 47,520 mWh to 42,120 mWh.


T-Clock 2010: Tweak your Windows Clock on Taskbar

T-Clock 2010 with my custom format for time display

T-Clock 2010 Official Website:
Current Version installed: T-Clock 2010 (build 95)

When I choose “Use small taskbar buttons” (from Taskbar Properties), the Date/Time display on the right end of taskbar became single-lined, and date went missing.

I’ve tried to hack the LogPixels value under HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIGSoftwareFonts in Registry Editor, as suggested on Internet. It worked (values I used were between 84 and 72). However it led to undesirable blurry fonts in Chrome, and I found no working solution to it. Thus I reverted back to original 96 dpi.

That was when I came across T-Clock 2010.

T-Clock 2010 is able to customize the way which Time and Date displays on Taskbar. It is a simple zip download from the developer’s website. Unzip x64 if you are using a 64-bit Windows, otherwise Win32 will do. Put it in any folder that is easy to access (but probably avoid Program Files or Windows). Start the Clock.exe in the folder, it is up and running.

Through T-Clock Properties (Right click on T-Clock area), much customization can be done. You should at least let this program run automatically upon starting Windows: tick the tick in the About tab of the Properties.

To re-imitate the default Windows Date/Time look, the following is to be put in Custom Format under Time Format:


I found myself enjoying customizing the way it looks, so it took me further and I eventually came up with what you see in the screenshot at the top. The documentation in the T-Clock Help.rtf is quite comprehensive, except that it didn’t tell you how to make the preceding ‘0’ appear in hms of the system uptime. Sdd, Saa, Shh, Snn, Sss are the hhmmss corresponding version of the system uptime.

My custom format set for T-Clock 2010 is:

SaaSnnSss ddeddmmeyyyy”№”Ww”W-“hhttnn@@@.@

The font used is Calibri Light, ClearType Natural, Size 12.
For Clock size and Text Position, I have Vertical as 1.

I love the way it looks now.


Toshiba Satellite M840

Toshiba Satellite M840, i7-3620QM, AMD Radeon HD 7670M, 4GB RAM, 640GB HDD, 2.0kg.

3 month old, bought at S$700.

Thanks God for keeping everything in His time.


Biblical prophecies that convince me

Why is Bible believable?

One reason that convinces me is

the possibily of prophecies being fulfilled by coincidence

: it is in fact really really small.

(the following translated from

1. Bible consists many (66) books, not only one;

2. There were many authors, not only one;

3. The 66 books in Bible were written over thousands of years by these many people, not only a few years.

4. Under such condition, is there a high possibility to write something coherent and non-contradicting? Using solely men’s might, or faking documents, could they make Bible non-contradicting?

5. notice the prophecies: the fulfillment of prophecies, which were recorded in Old Testament, on Jesus.

6. Even the last book of Old Testament was completed 400 years before Jesus was born, not even to mention the earlier books. All these cannot be faked AFTERWARDS, they were prophecised BEFOREHAND.

7. Let’s say the possibility of fulfilling one prophecy is 1/2,

8. The prophecies in Old Testament about Jesus and relevant people (such as Judas Iscariot who sold Jesus), in total there were at least 300.

9. 1/2 to the power of 300, how small it is the possibility of fulfilling all prophecies upon Jesus. There’s no way to explain this with coincidence.

Some of the prophecies on Jesus in the Old Testament.

1. Not one of his bones will be broken (John 19:36)
he protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken. (Psalm 34:20)

2. Jesus was pierced after death on the cross
…They will look on me, the one they have pierced… (Zechariah 12:10)

3. Judas returned the money to the priests and committed suicide by hanging himself. They used it to buy the potter’s field. (ref. Matthew 27:3-10)

“Throw it to the potter”—the handsome price at which they valued me! So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them to the potter at the house of the Lord. (Zechariah 11:13)

4. “I am not referring to all of you; I know those I have chosen. But this is to fulfill this passage of Scripture: ‘He who shared my bread has turned against me.'”(John 13:18)
Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me. (Psalm 41:9)

5. Jesus was sold for thirty pieces of silver. (ref. Matthew 26:15)
I told them, “If you think it best, give me my pay; but if not, keep it.” So they paid me thirty pieces of silver. (Zechariah 11:12)

6. Jesus was crucified with robbers.
because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors. (Isaiah 53:12)

Isaiah 53 is an important chapter on Messiah, there’s another important prophecy about what would happen after Messiah’s death–
He was assigned a grave with the wicked (Isaiah 53:9)

7. Jesus was pierced on hands and feet.
Dogs surround me, a pack of villains encircles me; they pierce my hands and my feet. (Psalm 22:16)

In Old Testament era, there was no crucifixion; the death penalty was thrown with stones.

Crucifixion is a penalty from Roman Empire, was introduced to the Jewish people only after Roman’s conquer.
For Jews, those severely sinned such as worshiping idols were to be stoned first then hung on wood,
Because for Jews, being hung on wood was cursed by God.
After Roman’s introduction of crucifixion into Jewish area, the Jewish people apply this concept onto the cross also,
Considering this is the most humiliating, cursed punishment.
However before Old Testament(OT) was written, the Roman Empire was not risen yet,
the people in the OT did not know about the punishment of crucifixion.
Hence “pierce my hands and my feet” this punishment would be amusing for those people during OT era,
they would not understand this scripture, because this is not part of their punishment, they had not witness such thing before.
However with the Inspiration of Holy Spirit, even the author may not fully understand this at that time, until Jesus’ Crucifixion, people can then realize it was referring to this punishment.

8. When the soldiers crucified Jesus, they took his clothes, dividing them into four shares, one for each of them, with the undergarment remaining. This garment was seamless, woven in one piece from top to bottom. “Let’s not tear it,” they said to one another. “Let’s decide by lot who will get it.” This happened that the scripture might be fulfilled which said, “They divided my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.”(John 19:23-24)
They divide my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment. (Psalm 22:18)


Photos taken in Shantou (Swatow) in June 2011

The following photos were taken in Shantou (Swatow) in June 2011 by Yuan3y. All these photos are distributed under CC BY-NC 3.0 license, in simpler words, the author Yuan3y needs to be credited and these photos can only be used non-commercially.

In no particular order,

Panorama of Shantou Jinshan Middle School, June 2011

Shantou Skyline, June 2011

Panorama of Shantou Jinshan Middle School closer, June 2011

Shantou Queshi Bridge Toll Station, June 2011

Old Department Mall, Shantou, June 2011, in black and white

Old Department Mall, Shantou, June 2011

Saitinhang Oluah, Shantou, June 2011

Ku Sog Eng, Shop Owner of Saitinhang Oluah

Oluah (Oyster Omelette) from Saitinhang Oluah, Shantou, June 2011

Shantou Old City Area, June 2011

Queshi Chairlift, June 2011

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