Visit to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Pulau Pinang

It is by God’s grace that He led me today to St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in my short four-day-visit in Penang.
I’m grateful that my Lord guides me through all circumstances,
as the sermon said today, whenever I’m in difficulties or joyful times, I experience God’s companionship more and more.
Actually, I was a little bit upset when I found out I had missed quite some of ‘places-must-go’ in Penang, after talking to a local elderly person on the ferry I took last night.
I thought at that time, how I wondered to have met the elderly person on the first day of my visit to Penang.
If that would have happened, my journey would definitely be much smoother and easier.
But this morning I was reminded that through this uneasy journey, God allowed me to grow, and to develop my knowledge besides those on textbooks.
Today’s visit to St Andrew’s Church was not actually planned on my schedule prior to the trip, but thank God that He had prepared my path, and also my heart, when yesterday a non-christian said ‘Christians go to churches on Sundays’.

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