“There has been an error cropping your image.” solution

I encountered this “There has been an error cropping your image.” error in WordPress when I tried to crop an image for theme header.

The solution is surprisingly easy.

sudo apt-get install php5-gd

This will install the PHP GD library for image processing.

Update: You may need to restart apache server for it to come into effect.


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the solution applies for those who host their own website on dedicated / cloud server with direct access to shell. If you don’t know about any of these, approach your service provider as you are probably using a shared hosting.

It is now 2021, I freshly installed WordPress locally on a Windows 10 PC with one of the newest themes, and I get this same error.
I’m using php 7.4.
The solution appears to be to install or activate php7-gd2 , an extension of php that is not installed by default. (Google knows how.)

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