Class 3 Driving License expenses, timeline and tips


Class 3 Manual,
Self-learn theory,
practical learn through Private Driving Instructor.
Failed once, passed on the second time.


Date Accumulated Expenses Event
03 Feb $11.35 Enroll in BBDC; booking for BTT.
28 Mar $11.35 Basic Theory Test (BTT).
31 Mar $17.35 booking for FTT.
10 Apr $112.35 first driving lesson with PDI.
23 May $300.35 Final Theory Test (FTT).
03 Jun $415.70 Booking for Practical Test.
16 Aug $1162.70 Practical Test, Saturday 11.45am, test route 6, failed.
17 Aug $1182.70 Booking for Practical Test.
30 Oct $1680.70 Practical Test, Thursday 11.00am, test route 2, passed.

Before first driving practical test, spent $773.00 and 23.5 hours on driving lessons, including 2 circuit practices. (not counting the 1.5 hours circuit warm-ups before the test on the test day itself)

After the first before the second one, spent $204.00 and 5 hours on driving lessons, including 2 circuit practices. (not counting the 1.5 hours circuit warm-ups before the test on the test day itself)

Personal advices:

  1. have 3 to 4 circuit practices before the practical test. The unfamiliarity in the driving centre gave rise to mistakes and ignorance (like I did not notice a stopping line after the hill).
  2. have one circuit and at least one normal road driving within 7 days prior to the practical test.
  3. for once, have one hour of circuit and then one hour of normal driving, so that you can feel how tiring it is on the test day when you warm up for 1.5 hours and then test for another 0.5 hours or so.
  4. when you learn parking, try to write your own notes on each specific steps involved, including when and how to check safety, at which point turn the wheel etc.
  5. let your tester feel safe. From accelerator to break, from checking blind spots to turning the wheel, the tester’s life is entrusted into your hand.
  6. Practise checking mirror as well as blind spots whenever you drive, and hopefully you will internalize that when it comes to test.
  7. Be patient and calm, confident but not arrogant, do not panic when things unexpected happen.

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