Remote Accessing NTU SCE Software Hardware Lab personal folder

After working many hours in SCE Software or Hardware labs, you finally called it a day, saved all your files in the personal folder on Y drive. Only later on you realize you can’t access this folder in Library PC, or in Software Project Labs, or any other computers. … But glad you search and land up here. This saves you that additional trip.

Provided you have connected to NTUSECURE wifi, or you are plugged into the campus network, or using NTU VPN, the following links are valid:

Lab Remote Access Personal Folder Link
Software Lab 1 \\\swl1$\student\your_network_username
Software Lab 2 \\\swl2$\student\your_network_username
Software Lab 3 \\\swl3$\student\your_network_username
Software Project Lab \\\spl$\student\your_network_username
Hardware Lab 1 \\\hwl1$\student\your_network_username
Hardware Lab 2 \\\hwl2$\student\your_network_username
Hardware Lab 3 \\\hwl3$\student\your_network_username
Hardware Project Lab \\\hpl$\student\your_network_username

You will be prompted for username, domain and password, the domain please put in STUDENT for the students.

For the great Linux folks out there, if you can access by changing the above mentioned link in the fashion of smb://$/student/your_network_username

As of the day of writing, the domain is resolved to in the NTU network.

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